Payment Solutions

Are you meeting expectations?

Your customers expect you to accept their payment method of choice. You expect your processor to give you the best possible rates. Everybody expects that once payment is made, card data is protected against breaches and hacks. Work with us, and we’ll make sure you’ll meet everyone’s expectations.

Unmatched Security

Data breaches not only mean hefty fines, but most significantly, lost customers. Encryption and Tokenization enable your business to streamline the process of compliance while reducing expenses associated with the security effort. These solutions effectively remove cardholder data from your environment.

More Ways to Get Paid

The easier it is to pay, the more your customers will buy. Our solution is omni-commerce, ensuring your business has the best technology and the best rates for in-store, online, mobile and over-the-phone payments.

24/7 Support

We know how important payment acceptance is to your business. While we add as much transparency and clarity to our statements as possible, we’re here, day and night, ready to take your call.


All Payment Types

Let your customers decide the way they want to pay. Accept a variety of payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, ACH, eChecks, JCB, PIN-less debit and more. More payment method flexibility means the potential for more sales.

Interchange Management

Fixed-rate processors have to cover every possible interchange rate, so you’re often paying more than you have to. Greenwich Payment Advisors aggressively manages interchange rates for our customers so that we’ll get you the lowest possible rate for every transaction.

Know Your Business

Use our powerful reporting system to access settlements, deposits, and statements all in one place. The online reporting center allows you to research everything you need to know about your company’s payment activity so you can easily track your business 24/7.

Understanding PCI Compliance

We personally store cardholder data so you can take comfort in knowing that it’s guarded by the highest security standards. Reduce your PCI compliance scope to a short survey. Questions? Talk to one of our PCI experts.

Perks and Add-Ons

Greenwich Payment Advisors merchants can take advantage of next day LOANS, online billing, fraud management, gift card programs and a variety of other services that can help increase revenue or better protect your business. Contact us to learn what benefits Greenwich Payment Advisors can offer you.

If you would like to learn more about Payment Acceptance, please contact us at 914.939.8120 or